Creative Ways to Banish Writer's Block

The dreaded writer’s block. Unfortunately, we as writers succumb to this plight way more often than we would like. The good news is that although it can difficult to shake it, it can be done! Read on to discover some sure-fire ways to get rid of writer’s block and get back to brainstorming!

Get Outside

Go for a walk or walk to discover somewhere new. Some fresh air can be wonderful for emptying the brain and refocusing. If you’re really serious, try exploring somewhere you have never seen. Last week, when struggling with my own extreme case of writer’s block (I stared at a blank Word document for over an hour), I decided to take myself outside. Rather than make the left I normally take to go into work, I turned right. I discovered a whole new area to my home -- hello inspiration! And, if you’re really really serious, leave your phone behind so you can truly allow your mind to wander.


The World Around You

I keep an entire folder on my computer of pictures that I have found inspiring (they are actually the ones that make up this post!). The folder is situated right next to my writing documents and I often scroll through it to give me a boost of inspiration whenever I feel my writing waning. The world around us provides so much inspiration -- you see that old woman with the yellow daisies dotting her outfit or the mountain that is rose because of the sunset or even whispering words of a conversation in a coffee shop? Use your daily experiences to influence your imagination and writing so matter how simple or mundane they are. There is a story in everything, you just have to find it!


Try Some Writing Exercises

Although I tend to stay away from explicit writing when I’m trying to get over writer’s block, I have found that there are a few methods which do work. Sit with yourself and take in your surroundings. Think about your day and weather and the color you still haven’t agreed on for painting the walls. The point is, write down everything that you are thinking, everything that is around you and everything that might be a distraction. If you want some other actually do-able writing exercises check out these articles:

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How do you get over writer’s block? What did you write about the last time you did? Let us know in the comments!